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all- inclusive

social lingerie is an upcycling company focused on eliminating exclusivity in the modeling industry, promoting environmental consciousness, and inviting people to feel sexy outside of the bedroom

if you don't know where to start but want to join in, contact us at @social.lingerie and we will help you on your journey toward body positivity

Mason Makuch, he/him

My life is my art, and I am the muse.

Model/Makeup Artist

Greer Leroy, she/her

Reach out. Take a chance. Get hurt even. But play as well as you can.

Model/Environmental Advisor

Austin Herb, he/him

I'm an avid daydreamer and deep thinker. I find myself looking at everything with artistic vision, and I feel it's important to live in a way that's fulfilling to oneself. I cherish everyone around me, and I love supporting other creative minds.


Riley Nicole Addams, they/them/theirs

Queer alien that crash landed on earth and has no idea what's going on.


Nina DiSandis, she/her

Showing off your body doesn't make you anything other than confident, powerful, and beautiful. Be whoever you want to be & do whatever you want to do!


we stand for

body positivity   |   eco-friendliness   |   feminism   |   supporting local business   |   LGBTQ+

gift card

impress someone by showing them you hate big business, love the environment, and support people showing their bodies by getting them a Social gift today