About Us

Social Lingerie is a brand started out of a dorm room by Hana Baran, a feminist performance artist who is looking to change the way the world perceives. Now, we're composed of a beautiful team of nine college women, all working hard to spread our message. We founded our company in promoting what we believe to be not only of utmost importance in the fashion industry but in all 21st century life: body positivity, eco-friendly practices, all-inclusivity, and supporting local businesses. 

Body Positivity: In a world of social media obsession, we are all constantly comparing ourselves and wishing we were different. Social Lingerie is a brand dedicated to combating the incessant craving to be someone else and instead EMBRACING & LOVING the bodies we are blessed to have. We pride ourselves on being the first all-inclusive brand in existence. This means anyone who approaches us is given the opportunity to model, no matter what they look like, their sexuality, or any other factors that would have led them to be turned down in other circumstances. 

Eco-Friendliness: Social Lingerie is an upcycling company, meaning we find beautiful pieces of lingerie, add/alter them, then remarket the product as something different. Currently, 26 billion pounds of textiles end up in landfills every year, adding to the environmental strain we put on our planet. Synthetics, the main material lingerie is made out of, takes hundreds of years to decompose. Social is dedicated to using what we already have created, helping to make a slight difference in the bigger picture. We also currently employ a Environmental Advisor, Greer LeRoy, who checks in with our day-to-day operations and makes sure we are using the best approach possible when it comes to being eco-friendly. 

Supporting Local Business: Social Lingerie works with other local business owners to collaborate and make incredible art through this amalgamation of ideas. We plan on attending many local events to Cleveland, Kent, and Pittsburgh, as well as hosting a fashion show & marketplace in Akron in August of 2019.